Welcome To Mandrake’s Rootwerx

Welcome to the completely overhauled Mandrake’s Rootwerx!

Despite the ‘dot com’designation of this site’s URL, most of what’s here here is completely non-commercial. I offer no products,no services,and (other than some relevant links to external commercial sites) there is nothing whatsoever for sale.

Depending on the immediate demands on my time,I occasionally do readings or spell casting for others,but again,for a variety of reasons,I never charge for these operations,or indeed,for most of the non-tangible products of my imagination and creativity.

In the case of spiritual/occult operations,there is an additional reason:

As I write in my book, Faith and Physics, belief is an essential element for success in any such undertaking. This is a common thread connecting spiritual practices from virtually every culture throughout history. What greater impediment to wholehearted belief could there be than wondering of your selected practitioner is a sham or a fraud,endeavoring only to separate you from your money? I believe that,in the final analysis,my value in life will be measured by my success in helping others,and in my opinion,this is the most efficacious way to ensure this success,both for my clients,and for myself. Hence,my motivations are,ultimately,selfish;if I can help you, we both benefit.

Of course,it is handy to maintain a roof over my head,keep food on the table,and various other necessities of existence,so I do hope that those who are so inclined,and are able to do so,will make a free-will contribution to help me survive, but this never takes the form of quid pro quo (From the Latin meaning “what for what”, meaning a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services).

If I can help you,and I am convinced you are sincere,I will do so. If you can help me,and are in a position to do so,your help will be appreciated. If you are so inclined,you can send any amount via PayPal using the following link.

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